Yvonne Love
From the series The Naming of Islandsc.10.12c.11.12, 9p.5.12p.4.12
The Naming of Islands
Ebb and Flow

This body of work is a reflection of an exploration of place and time. My process is an immediate response to materials; loving their texture and form, the spaces they create that are inside and out, the play between opacity and transparency and the ambiguity of boundaries which contain and protect and divide and limit.
This ebb and flow is connected to poems written during the same time period. The following are lines collected from those poems;

evaporated people traveled through… her memory nets...the taste of the ocean rendered her voice like sea glass …pearled breath denied the frost….I sewed the spinal sequence with egg shells and butterflies ...small your skin in the shade of your spine….filling his palms with sand…I told you about the temporality of silence and now I am conscious of not hearing the waves…he was searching for something she did not hold…this is still not on any map…a skin of sand left prints that I must swallow….water that I can’t release….I can’t see these places but I know I always wanted to come….the salt elicits a cry ….I pressed my fingers between your knots ….my body washed by sounds that tether me by your naming